CORA  by Hildegard Günzel

CORA by Hildegard Günzel

BÄRCHEN  by Hildegard Günzel

BÄRCHEN by Hildegard Günzel

CHRISTINA by Hildegard Günzel

Christina by Hildegard Günzel Limiiteeritud kogus: neid nukke tehakse kokku vaid 300 tk Nuku pikkus 87 cm Götzi 2009.a. kollektsioonnukk. ETTETELLIMISEL, TELLIMISAEG 2-4 NÄDALAT!

575,20 €
Saadavus: Laost otsas
Tootja koduleht Götz Puppenmanufaktur Christina will draw everyone’s eyes with her stately height of 34inches. She enchants everybody with her wild human hair curls that surround her pretty face with the mouth-blown glass eyes. Christina is on her way into town to have an ice cream with her best friend dressed in her fashionable outfit, chic hand bag and genuine leather boots. Christina is fully poseable as she has articulated knees and elbows. A very special artist doll.
Weight 5.000000
nuku pikkus 87 cm
juuksed pruunid naturaalsed juuksed
keha vinüül
Tootja Götz
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