CHRISTINA  by Hildegard Günzel

CHRISTINA by Hildegard Günzel

CORA by Hildegard Günzel

Cora by Hildegard Günzel Limiiteeritud kogus: neid nukke tehakse kokku vaid 300 tk Nuku pikkus 87 cm Götzi 2009.a. kollektsioonnukk. ETTETELLIMISEL, TELLIMISAEG 2-4 NÄDALAT!

575,20 €
Saadavus: Laost otsas
Tootja koduleht Götz Puppenmanufaktur Cora is a veritable beauty. Her blue mouth-blown glass eyes shine brightly in the spring sun and her long human hair, saucily peeping out from under her crocheted hat, can hardly be tamed. To visit her cousin Cora wears her favourite outfit: a romantic dress adorned with roses and frills and fitting genuine leather boots. High quality articulated knees and elbows make Cora fully poseable and her height of 34inch make her a very special artist doll.
Weight 5.000000
nuku pikkus 87 cm
juuksed blondid naturaalsed juuksed
keha vinüül
Tootja Götz
silmad helesinised, liikumatud